Re: installing XP

On Sun, 2010-02-07 at 10:51 -0500, Gary Kirkpatrick wrote:
Looks like the wifes laptop is on the way to a major repair so we will
be sharing for a while. She insists on using windows. When I install
XP it will windows wipe the entire disk, forcing me to reinstall? Any
way to save any of my ubuntu settings? I do not have an external
drive with me but I do have a CD-DVD rw drive.

Any way to wipe wifes decision making sector and replace parts of it
with ones I prefer? Is there a special Linux program for this?

Thanks to all you fabulous people! I really appreciate this list!


sorry about the lack of apostrophes. Did not want to switch from the
Spanish keyboard. Maybe one of you can teach me how to switch back
and forth more easily than using preferences-keyboard. But thats for
another post.

If you have the proper license for it, then I'd suggest that you
install XP in virtualbox and show Her how to log in and launch XP, that
way you need not hose anything other than the VM after you get her
system back.

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