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On Wednesday, March 03, 2010 03:45 PM, Chadley Wilson wrote:
You may be in too much of a hurry to answer this (please don't
swear at me), but what exactly fails when you put the duplicated
disks in
another machine?
[>] I get a kernel panic message

What did it say? Something about root?
I now get on every 4th or 5th machine Kernel Panic, not enough free

Have you tested the hardware? In this case, RAM.

[>] Yip...

If I take a failed disk out of the machine it failed in, and plug it into a
machine where another duplicated disk works, it also works... So the disk has
duplicated properly.
I checked that the sata connectors are all plugged into the same port on all
the test machines. But still I get Kernel Panic on some machines.

Same panic as above?
[>] Yes

On one machine I booted to the root console and then I ran startx and the
machine freezes. I suspect this could be something in the display driver or
the xorg system.
The xorg system as I understand generates it configuration dynamically on
each boot. So how can I modify it for experimental purposes?

Again...test RAM?

[>] Yes...

Any ideas on what else I can play with?


[>] Already tried... Not a hardware fault.

[>] It seems the not enough free memory is referring to the Swap partition.
Not ram...
I will have to go write down the error...

Will get back to you...

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