Re: Ubuntu 9.04 and BBC Iplayer

How do I unsubscribe from this list? I'm getting tired of my in box
flooded with
stupid childish problems. When I worked in Tech-Support we used to have
one response - eg: RTFM -Read The F'n Manual(s). Please circulate amongst all
the rest or get a job panning for change at he closest street corner.
Ubuntu is not rocket science!!! Most of the documentation with a little tweaking
is pretty straight forward.

On 3/3/10, ANDY <sirald66@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
[I am dealing with a similar problem on in the Tree section.
It says I need Flash 9, but then goes onto let me use most of the interface,
but hangs during an Edit feature. I've twice reinstalled Adobe Flash 10
with the same result. I am currently assuming its their Flash detection not

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