Re: Ubuntu 9.04 and BBC Iplayer

On 04/03/10 17:35, Dave Woyciesjes wrote:
Chris Jones wrote:

I suspect most people who work in tech support centres don't really know
what they are doing, since if they did, they would get a better job
elsewhere ...

Hmmm.... Sounds like troll bait, but I'll fire anyway. I work in a tech
support center. I'll bet you couldn't do any of our jobs here.

I'll give you a chance to correct your statement.

No need. I did say "most people" ;)

Humour aside, OK, I agree my comment was a little argumentative, so if
any one is offended I'm sorry. I do stand by it though to the degree it
applies far too often than it should.

A fried of mine, who works of a well known (huge) oil company, once told
me a story of how he was working on a linux box and needed to fix
something. He knew exactly what needed to be done, but couldn't since he
didn't have root access. He had to call up the company tech support, and
after explaining the problem the first question was "What is linux ?" ...


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