Re: Installer cannot remove files

True, but the bug (if it is indeed a bug) won't be fixed in Karmic.
Your first chance to get it fixed is in Lucid, so any developers that read
your bug report would ask you to test it again with Lucid, and if that
works they will consider it as fixed.

Also if you cannot reliably repeat the problem then it won't be fixed. It
is impossible to troubleshoot problems that aren't there (any more).
It seems like you have already fixed it yourself so it's probably too late
for a bug report.

This is the reason that I asked on list if anyone else experienced
this. If it happened once then it is no big deal. If it is happening
on every third install then there is a problem to be fixed. I won't
report the issue until it either happens to me again on different
hardware or someone else reports it as having happened.

Dotan Cohen

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