Re: How to make "restricted formats" work

Liam Proven さんは書きました:
If there actually IS a way of selecting stations from among the millions
that must be broadcasting (on my work machine (windows xp) I use found a
tiny, cute piece of freeware ( that comes with
about 3-400 preinstalled stations. You just pick one and play it) and
***JUST!!*** play it -- I would really love to know.

Use the Software Centre to install a little app called StreamTuner.
It's pretty good. It's what I use.

Thank you! This is *MUCH* more like it.
Just one question.
When I start StreamTuner, I get a Window in which among other things on
the left a list of radio stations is displayed (when I select Xiph).
The leftmost column is called "bookmark".
The item is "All" and the second one below it is called "search" (on my
machine everything in Japanese)
When I click on the "search" button, or else execute the search function
(F3), the program shuts down.

Is that normal?
Whether this works or not, is not really important, but I would like to
know what is happening ...

Thank you.

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