Re: Ubuntu 10.04 BETA1 (Lucid)

Hi Basil,

Basil Chupin schrieb:
On 06/04/10 17:08, Fred A. Miller wrote:

'Wouldn't think so. I haven't run Ubuntu for that long, but at no time
have I noted any of the servers being that slow.


As far as I am concerned, they *ARE* slow :-( . I get thruout of around
17Kbs/s or less. If I get up to 50+Kbs/s I am laughing.



You might want to consider contributing bandwith to the ubuntu project:

if you have several ubuntu machines running in you network you can use
apt-cacher-ng to speed up your updates and relieve the official ubuntu

Franz (who uses apt-cacher-ng)

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