Re: Ubuntu Lucid Lynx 10.04 LTS 64 bit Beta 2 keyboard doesn't respond.

Nataraj wrote:
Karl Larsen wrote:

On 04/09/2010 06:52 AM, Cassius V. de Magalhaes wrote:

Em 09/04/2010 09:32, Karl Larsen escreveu:

On 04/09/2010 06:27 AM, Cassius V. de Magalhaes wrote:


I just installed Ubuntu Lucid Lynx 10.04 LTS 64 bit Beta 2 yesterday.

Again, the keyboard doesn't respond.

I'm using this Ubuntu as a VM on VMware Workstation 7 64 bit.

Any clues because the keyboard doesn't respond, please?


The 10.04 can't find your keyboard. While you were loading
10.04 from the LiveCD you used your keyboard. Did it work ok?

73 Karl


It's the first time this issue happens since VMware Workstation 5.0,
and since Red Hat 9, SuSE 7.0 and Conectiva 9.


I have never done this so I really can't help you.

73 Karl

There is definitely a problem with the beta2 desktop (gnome) running
under vmware. (I had the same problem under beta1) GDM does not
accept input from the keyboard in the password box. I also tried
switching to another virtual console using ctrl-alt-space [F1 .. F10]
and that didn't work either (note, ctrl-alt-space F1 is how you send
ctrl-alt-f1 to a vmware guest). I also tried disabling vmware tools
and that didn't help either, so something is broken here. I even
upgraded from Vmware 6.5 to 7.0 and that didn't help either. (vmware is
running under Fedora 10).


See the following links for workarounds. The problem described in the
second one does not appear to show up for me on the beta2 with the
standard install, though I saw that with the install from the alternate


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