Re: Can't log in with linux 2.6.32-21-generic kernel on Lucid

"Tom" == Tom H <tomh0665@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

NoOp>> - Are you aware of a bug that has already been filed on
NoOp>> launchpad that may match your issue? If so, can you provided
NoOp>> the details?

>> Nothing really obvious.  This
>> <>
>> looks similar, but I don't get either the mouse pointer or the drumbeat
>> sounds.

Tom> A few updates have been uploaded, some of them to xorg-* and
Tom> initramfs-* packages so they might cure your problem.

Tom> As an aside, the developers have been working on an Xorg bug the last
Tom> few days that was something of a showstopper so it MAY be your problem
Tom> - and these late Xorg updates must be dealing with that.

I was hoping that, but the ones I got at lunchtime today didn't fix my
problem. I'll try again later.

But I did get some package upgrades, so I'm no longer worried that
something's completely broken the package manager.

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