Re: Need email server aid

Chuck Kuecker wrote:
Christopher Chan wrote:
On Friday, April 23, 2010 08:39 AM, Chuck Kuecker wrote:

Alvin Thompson wrote:

On 04/22/2010 06:23 PM, Chuck Kuecker wrote:

It worked with the IP, not the domain name.

I still need to get it to work with an outside address, so I guess I
need to fiddle with my DNS server next.

Thanks for the help!

If you just need '' to resolve to your local address, just
put it in your '/etc/hosts' file, or whatever the equivalent is on you
embedded system.

BTW, if it's an embedded system that never leaves your network, why do
you need it to work with an outside address? Why can't you just use the
local IP?

Ultimately, this will be a wireless product that will be out in the
wild, and will need the capability to connect anywhere, assuming the
user has an email account on the network, somewhere in the world. At
present, I'm just playing with basics using the built-in Ethernet port
included with the development system.

Then it will need to have to ability to be told to use smtp
authentication, username and password, to be told what port to connect
to and support ssl on port 465 and enabling tls on port 25/587.

Ultimately, I think it will more often tha not just need to be told to
connect to the owner's ISP mail relay to send email.

Besides that, why would it need the ability to accept email? I can
understand sending reports, alerts, blah, out but accepting email?

Remote control - one option. An embedded web server is another option -
I might not need email if we go that way.

How do you verify the email source before you implement the command(s)?

An embedded web server for remote control is something that would be
expected nowadays if you ask me. And maybe your own protocol and a
client gui on Windows/Linux/Mac OS X/OpenSolaris.

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