Re: Need email server aid

On 04/25/2010 09:19 PM, Res wrote:
Sorry but that means nothing, known plenty to have claimed that, and
many second year uni students easily surpass them.
(not saying your just beating your chest, maybe you are good, but I dont
know you, and I doubt many if any here do well enough to back that claim

That's a logical flaw. Debate the points, not the messenger. If a PhD
came up to you and said that 2 plus 2 equals 4, it doesn't make it any
more or less true than if a high school dropout told you.

As I said in another post, you might want to check out my resume on my
web site before you make that assertion.

Alvin, Chris has probably forgotten more about email than most people will
ever learn about it.

Apparently not, if he thinks that:

1. HTTP is more reliable than SMTP.
2. SMTP adds too much "parsing overhead" (his words, not mine) for
sending messages. What! Sending messages is SMTP's *job*, so I imagine
the overhead is acceptable.
3. You'll lose mail sent to you if your SMTP server goes down.
4. You need a separate MX entry for each client that uses your mail server.
5. Spam can still get in your queue if the SMTP server requires a valid
client certificate.
6. Mail servers only have one queue.

Those are all ridiculous points he's tried to make.

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