10.04 install fails at bootsplash

On my machine, which had no problems installing any of the previous Ubuntu
versions, the 10.04 live CD (on USB stick) fails to get past the
bootsplash (with the red/white alternating dots). When I press escape to
see why there's no activity (except for the dots which do keep changing),
I get the following error messages:

(process:376): GLib-WARNING **: getpwuid_r(): failed due to unknown user id (0)
stdin: error 0
stdin: error 0
stdin: error 0
stdin: error 0
stdin: error 0

The stdin-error is added five times everytime I switch between the
console and the splashscreen.

Personally, I doubt if the error displayed is actually responsible for
the failed installation, but this is all the information I can get.
All the Ctrl-Alt-Fx consoles are blank.
Does anybody know what (else) might be going wrong?

Regards, Robert http://www.arumes.com

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