Re: What is hammering my memory?

On 07/02/2010 09:21 AM, Dotan Cohen wrote:
On 2 July 2010 17:11, Chan Chung Hang Christopher
<christopher.chan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
The Linux kernel. It's normal. Most of your chewed up memory is taken up
by the page cache. Nothing to worry about. The kernel will automatically
free up memory as needed. The page cache attempts to save you from
having to operate at hard disk speed (milliseconds) as opposed to RAM
speed (microseconds) so if you want a culprit, it is the kernel. If you
are really not happy about it using memory, set swappiness to zero.

I'll ask a different question, then. What could be causing the system
to be so sluggish? I see nothing in top that looks to be a hog.

top - 16:57:03 up 1:50, 2 users, load average: 0.72, 0.70, 0.54
Tasks: 179 total, 1 running, 176 sleeping, 0 stopped, 2 zombie

Are those 2 zombie processes remaining, or do they eventually go away?

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