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Can the mailing list block this obvious troll?


On 06/07/10 17:37, Ray Parrish wrote:
Pete Vander Giessen wrote:
On Mon, Jul 5, 2010 at 6:36 PM, Ray Parrish<crp@xxxxxxx> wrote:

Now you tube videos play, but without sound... Any Ideas???

Hi Ray,

You never mentioned which version of Ubuntu you were running. I'm
guessing that you're running something between 8.04 (Hardy Heron) and
9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope). I remember having occasional issues with
flash grabbing the sound card and not letting go in those versions.

Closing out of Firefox and re-opening it usually fixes the sound
issue. (That particular problem has been completely resolved as of
Lucid Lynx).

If you continue to have other issues with Firefox, your profile may
have become corrupted. This is a problem that can happen in Windows,
Linux, or on Macs, when you upgrade Firefox. It's usually a good idea
to backup your profile before upgrading -- I'm usually too lazy to do
a full profile backup, but I do keep regular snapshots of my
bookmarks, which has saved my bacon a couple of times.

You can backup/export your bookmarks from the Bookmarks -> Organize
Bookmarks menu.

It might be worthwhile to try creating a new profile, to see if that
fixes your problem. To do so, close out of Firefox, then run it from
a terminal with the following command:

firefox --profilemanager

If you backed up your bookmarks, you can import them into your new
profile using the Bookmarks -> Organize Bookmarks menu.


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My sound works perfectly every where else on my machine, just you tube
videos play without audio, attempting to play an mp3 in a player on
facebook freezes my browser, and attempting to play an mp3 with the ayos
player on my space causes it to just sit there and say 'connecting" forever.

This is a pretty specific attack against my ability to record mp3s while
playing with the stars, and I need help finding out what exactly has
been done. Please help me, this is essential to my getting off of

Ray Parrish

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