Re: potential newbie with questions (please be gentle)

On 07/13/2010 04:08 PM, Jerry Bolt wrote:

I am interested in learning more about the Linux/Ubuntu operating
system. I like what I have read and studied up to this point but
before I take the plunge I have a couple questions.

1. I have read you can install a Linux OS and still keep the existing
Windows OS, in my case I have Windows XP. Please explain how this is
done? I think I understand but want to be sure.

2. If, for some reason, a Linux OS is not to my liking can and how do
I uninstall it?

Hi JB,

Jordan's suggestions are good ones. Another way to install Windows and
Linux side by side is to use Wubi:

Disk performance is going to be slightly degraded in Wubi, but it's a
good way to try out Linux without taking the plunge of partitioning your
hard drive.

You can also install Virtualbox (, and install Linux in a
virtual machine, but that's more technically complex, and has the worst
performance of your available options; I'd go with Wubi, or with the
Ubuntu installer instead.

~ Pete

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