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On 07/26/2010 09:34 AM, Basil Chupin wrote:
On 26/07/10 22:50, Karl Larsen wrote:

On 07/26/2010 01:15 AM, chris wrote:

Using Ubuntu 10.4 32bit, on a pent 3, one gig ram. Everything
running well except with fire fox v 3.6.7, adobe flash is crashing
Have googled extensively, and found many references to 64 bit, but
not 32.
Any ideas suggestions thoughts greatly appreciated

Cheers the kiwi

I found on my 10.04 that each update of Firefox borks the flash
drivers :-(

Last week ANOTHER Firefox update, and it stopped displaying movies
of all types on version 3.6.7 so I went back to:

and found the one to use and removed the old non-working flash drivers
and then loaded new drivers. It worked and after a reboot it now works
great again :-)

Firefox is a complete loss unless you have that URL. Too bad since it
works ok for the non movie stuff.

Karl, I simply do not know if you actually have Ubuntu 10.04, Lucid,
installed as you claim or if you are simply imagining that you have
Ubuntu 10.04, Lucid, installed; or perhaps you are imagining that you
have Firefox installed - perhaps you have some other browser installed
but haven't yet realised that this is so?

My Firefox - and my wife's - was upgraded to 3.6.7 and I - we - didn't
have this nonsensical problem which you mention above. The upgrade was
done, and everything worked perfectly after the upgrade.

You aren't using some gas-powered, or ethanol-powered for that matter,
version of Firefox, or even Ubuntu, by any chance?


Your full of it BC. I reported twice to this list what it takes
to get Firefox working. You and your wifes 3.6.7 have NEVER tried to
display a movie from a web page. If you do not care, DO NOTHING!

73 Karl


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