Re: help me to install various packages in ubuntu 10.04

On 31 July 2010 07:40, ramya lakshmanan <lramya1989@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
if i tried to install packages using software manager, always it giving
error tat untursted packages nu. so i was not able to install any more
packages. so please helpm me to resolve this problem

with regards


Ubuntu packages come with a digital signature. When you have the key
which matches this signature then the package is trusted. So, it
sounds as though either some signatures or security keys are missing.

Applications - Accessories - Terminal and then type in
$ aptitude search keyring you should see a line
i ubuntu-keyring this means that
the bunch of keys
for ubuntu
is installed.

On my system I also have these installed

So you could try

$ sudo aptitude reinstall ubuntu-keyring and, if necessary
$ sudo aptitude install debian-archive-keyring gnome-keyring

Then try installing your packages again. If this fails we shall have
to look further. You could be trying to install packages from some
other software repository.

Best Wishes

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