Re: Anyone rolling a kernel nowadays?

On Mon, 2010-08-09 at 17:44 +1000, Basil Chupin wrote:
On 09/08/2010 17:27, Ric Moore wrote:
Back in the day, I used to get significant gains in system speed once I
rolled my own kernel. Of course we had way fewer options to consider in
the configuration. I managed to run quite nicely with no modules at all,
just the bare essentials were checked and the kernel "rolled". But, I
haven't done this for quite a few years.

The question to the group is: Is anyone doing this? If so, do you have
enough gains to offset the effort? Just wondering. I can always use a
speed gain. Ric

Start here:

as a short followup, there's this:

which strongly suggests that i am wasting my time looking for that
vmlinux file. i think i'll ask about this on the ubuntu kernel
mailing list, and annoy them for a while.


But as this kernel thingie has been going since June then write to
Robert (but this may be difficult as he hasn't replied for 3 days to
my e-mail to him :-(.)

Nevertheless, search in the archives for this mail list for posts by
Robert re his kernel 'course' he's put together.

Heh, I just did the monkey thing and pushed the Red Button. I'm amazed
by all the stuff turned on in the kernel, not compiled as modules. So, I
turned a bunch of stuff off and it's rolling on it's own now. Think I'll
get some sleep. 5Am round here. It'll go or blow! Ric

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