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Just my 2 cents:

I have used this list over the past year or so and found it to be very
helpful and informative.
However, I have just about had it with the incessant rants and
discussions/arguments about what is the correct format for responding to
a list item, for example. Or the recent rant about a certain member who
most everyone seems to enjoy picking on. Or this new thread about the


Much agreed.

This is to be expected and will only get "worse" as Ubuntu gains
popularity. It happens on all lists from time to time and creating an
easy to use Linux distro lowers the barrier even more. When running
Ubuntu in a VPS is the height of leet system admin skills how could you
not argue even a tiny, insignificant detail?

One of the issues with open lists in general is they attract trolls and
people out to prove something, as long as the Code of Conduct is not
actually enforced on here there will continue to be abuses. I'm not
really for censorship though, learning to sift through the junk is an
important online skill.

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