Re: net-book recommendation (wanted)

On Tue, 2010-09-07 at 13:02 +0100, Liam Proven wrote:
On 6 September 2010 21:09, drew einhorn <drew.einhorn@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Don't buy anything with a screen less than 768 pixels tall!
I have a Lenovo S10e with a 1024x576 screen, I hate it when a dialog pops
up, and doesn't fit on the screen, and the controls I need to use are off
the bottom of the screen.

Hold down the Alt key and you can drag any window from anywhere in the
window, not just from the title bar. Slide it up and off the screen a
bit so you can get at the buttons at the bottom.

That works in general, but some apps are too clever and resize the
widows to match the screen. Unfortunately, they don't have scrollbars so
you can never get to the stuff at the bottom. Thunderbird options
screens are like this. There is also one of the install screens (the
partitioning one, I think) that is too large and you cannot move that up
by any means.

Fortunately, these problems only affect the really small screens, like
my 7" EEEPC. The newer 10" screens are not really a problem.

But yes, you're right, and this is why in 2008, instead of a £250
netbook, I bought a £200 refurbished IBM Thinkpad from 2004. 1024x768
screen, Pentium M instead of an Atom, proper hard disk, Firewire and a
Cardbus slot - even if I've never used the latter 2 items. Yet.


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