Re: [OT] glass cleaners - was Problem with newer DVD's in ubuntu 10.04 (Video-Player)

Basil Chupin wrote:
A clean, cotton handkerchief, irrespective of how many times it has been
laundered, just doesn't make the grade :-( . In no way, shape or form.

For the purposes we are talking about here, Kleenex tissues, or
equivalent (I use Sorbent tissues, a local name no doubt) for the job.

Interesting; there must be some non-obvious physical processes going on,
because my experience is the opposite. For many years I used to clean my
spectacles using tissues, and over time the anti-reflective coating
always wore away. In recent years, I've switched to cleaning them using
my polycotton shirt tails and the optician has remarked on how well the
coatings on my lenses are lasting.

The other stuff I've found to be very good for cleaning all kinds of surfaces
is available in the UK under the Turtle Wax brand, called "Clear Vue Glass
Clean". I've found it very good on many surfaces such as windows, TV and
computer screens, camera lenses. Try it at your own risk, obviously, but I
find it cleans better than most other potions and wipes away without leaving

Smears are the least of the problems. What damage does the cleaner do to
the surface of the glass/camera lens?

There's an interesting list of ingredients here:

But glass cleaner products that damage the glass don't generally perform
as well in the market over the years as Clearvue has done!

If you wear spectacles, are you aware that if you try and clean your
specs. using ordinary water - and plain soap for example - that you
should only use cold water to do this because anything above cold water
will destroy the coating on the lenses of your spectacles?

Again, my experience differs in that I've never had a problem using warm
water, though I don't use it regularly. Perhaps it depends on the type
of coatings; do you have a reference that explains the problem?

Cheers, Dave

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