Re: shriekingly tinny sound in 10.10 at higher volumes

On 10/09/2010 16:02, K V wrote:
Heyas all,
Just a quick question. Running an Asus ATI Mobo with an ATI HD48x0
sound card (output from lspci) with Ubuntu 10.10 desktop version.

It seems to me that all sound is pretty quiet unless it is cranked way
up (as compared to my ancient Turtle Beach Santa Cruz, which I hated
to give up), but any sound level above 'unamplified' in sound
preferences gains a tinny note at first which grows exponentially to a
pure shriek, as if a thousand fingernails were being scraped across
miniature blackboards through a really high pitched feedback loop, or
a bunch of psychotic bats were calling the days news directly into
your ear canal. It's unpleasant, dig? :-D
Anyway, any ideas gentles? This is painful.
Oh, btw, it is the same from the main output in the back panel or over
headphones from the front/headphone jack...

Sounds like feedback or ground loop possibly....

You don't state which audio you are using: alsa or pulseaudio.

If using alsa (with pulse installed) at the terminal type "alsamixer"
and play around with the settings to see which setting is interfering
with another setting.

If using pulse, run pavucontrol and do same to see if the correct sound
card setting was chosen.


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