Re: WTF?! NO floppy in Lucid or in Meerkat!

On 09/24/2010 08:05 PM, Basil Chupin wrote:
This response being written on Maverick Meerkat (Beta #1) which was
upgraded to latest "stuff" only 1/2 hour ago.

What you suggest above works on Lucid 10.04.1 - but I have to admit that
I don't know if it is the above which is doing it or the fact that I
downgraded to udisks1.0.1build1 late last night. In other words, the
'test bed' has been 'contaminated' and the playing field has been changed.

However, I am now in Maverick and the above does *NOT* work. And in
Maverick it doesn't appear to be a way of downgrading udisks to what
NoOp suggests in that bug report. I guess there must be a way but I
don't know what it is and don't have the expertise to fool around with
apt-get's various options.

Short answer as I'm off working sailing races at the moment:

Download 1.0.1-1build1 from here:
Select the 1.0.1-1build1 and download your processor version; example
for 32bit:


In Maveric: open a terminal to the download &:

$ sudo dpkg -i udisks_1.0.1-1build1_i386.deb

Place a known working floppy (preferably one from karmic/lucid) and
click on 'Places|Floppy Disk' - your floppy will be automatically
mounted in Nautilus.

You'll have to wait until I get back from racing for instructions on
pining the package (or check the archives where I've provided
instructions for both 'apt-get' and Synaptic). I've a 32bit Maverick
test system & this works just fine for me. Standard disclaimer: use at
your own risk.

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