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I used to to this with a DOS boot disk and the command: fdisk /mbr

This will clear your MBR and Linux wont be seen again.


I strongly advise against the above suggestion. clearing the MBR

(Master Boot Record) will make your PC unusable until you re-install

Ubuntu. I do not know whether Windows will still work when you

re-install Ubuntu. You will certainly not be able to use Windows in

the meantime.




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Strange, I used this often to remove a dual boot Windows/Linux. It worked everytime without any problem. Maybe I was Lucky?

Fdisk /mbr will rewrite your Master Boot Record and remove Grub from there.

I agree though that after some research, fixmbr seems to be the way to go:

Fdisk /mbr

The MS-DOS command Fdisk /mbr rewrites the MBR on the hard disk, to resolve MBR

corruptions. This command is useless if your computer is infected with MBR viruses ,they will again reinfect the new MBR sector and the issue persists. Hardware specialists are not recommending this command to fix MBR issues and they recommend the second Fdisk command - Fixmbr.

Fixmbr - command to fix MBR in Recovery Console

It is another DOS command to fix MBR corruptions. It also work as the Fdisk /mbr command.The fixmbr command is only available from within the Recovery Console in Windows 2000 and above. In fixmrb command we can specify the location of master boot record if we are not going to fix the mbr of master boot device. The the command look like:

fixmbr (device_name)

You need to boot your computer using Windows disk in order to use fixmbr command.

Steps to run Fixmbr on your computer

1. Restart computer

Restart your computer with Windows CD where DVD/CD drive is the primary boot device.

2. Recovery console

Press the R key to start the Recovery Console when it prompts.

3. In Recovery Console command prompt, type fixmbr and follow the instructions


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