Re: KMAIL, reorginizing messages

On Monday 25 October 2010 01:01:51 pm Bill Wright wrote:
On 10/25/2010 01:54 AM, Mike McMullin wrote:
I totally prefer Evolution over KMAIL, but unfortunately one
particular list I'm on sees my normal addy as a spam source, so I have to
use this secondary address and a separate mail client (KMAIL :( )
As I'm going through the list deleting messages individually and by
thread <CTR-DEL>, kmail re-organizes the unread mail, often kicking me to
the last bunch of messages, is there a way to turn off this obnoxious

Go to Thunderbird, I have 5 email address's which filter mail into the
appropriate inbox.

Thunderbird still doesn't handle Maildir, which means that if you run kmail
with the default settings you either loose all your mails or (maybe) have to
export/import them. I quickly tested this and it did not work (Thunderbird's
plugin would not read kmail's mbox archive).

For me it's a show stopper, I can't see enough advantages in Thunderbird to go
through this much work (plus I wouldn't want to change to mbox anyway).


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