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On 11/05/2010 02:39 AM, Bob Schmidt wrote:
Hi All,

I installed ubuntu 10.10 on my hp dv9260 x64 and everything worked
flawlessly, including wireless. I even have skype working out of the box
which is very unusual for me anyway.

But now after a few days, for some reason my wireless will not connect.
It sees the wireless network, but it will not connect. I can plug in a
ethernet cable and everything works fine, it is just wireless.

Any ideas?


Maybe you're getting some sort of broad-band interference at 2.4GHz. Do
you have
any other "wi-fi" stuff that uses that band and still works? Also, try
moving either the
sender or the receiver a foot or two. There can be fairly steep nulls,
and you may
be in one. (That's why some of the "wii-fi" gear has two antennas--to
try and beat
the null problem.)


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