Re: split/isolate network

On 11/20/2010 11:45 PM, Nils Kassube wrote:
NoOp wrote:
Sorry, forgot to add that a good router/firewall1 should be able to
accomplish the above. However I've not (yet) found a wireless router
with a good enough firewall interface to allow me to inspect packets,
logs, etc., in the same manner as my wired router/firewall, so I just
connect the wireless to the wired & use the wired as the controlling
router & gateway.

If you have a wireless router that is supported by openwrt [1] or other
free firmware, you can do all you want - it is just another Linux
distrubution. Of course you may void your warrenty if you don't use the
original firmware supplied by the manufacturer, but that's another


[1] <>

Thanks. That WRG614v8 qualifies for dd-wrt, but isn't listed in openwrt,
so I'll look into dd-wrt. My befvp41 just died (actually the upgraded
firmware (Ver. is crap and I can cause warm reboots at will,
so I'm temporarily using the WRG614v8 as the primary with a MR8114v2
(flashed to v3 so I can use WPA). I'll hold off trying dd-wrt on the
WRG614v8 until I get a new wired VPN router to replace the befvp41.

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