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On 11/28/2010 03:08 PM, Nathan Bahn wrote:
I am sorry, but I know what neither a core.img nor a post-MBR gap is.
May I
trouble you for a link to some references?

Maybe these will help:

$ locate core.img

On PC systems using the traditional MBR partition table format, the core
image is usually installed in the "MBR gap" between the master boot
record and the first partition, or sometimes it is installed in a file
system and read directly from that. The latter is not recommended
because GRUB needs to encode the location of all the core image sectors
in diskboot.img, and if the file system ever moves the core image around
(as it is entitled to do) then GRUB must be reinstalled; it also means
that GRUB will not be able to reliably find the core image if it resides
on a different disk than the one to which boot.img was installed.

There can be issues is the "MBR gap" is too small, or the core.img/grub
is too large. Sample:
[karmic alpha: grub2 core.img with mdraid & lvm too big to embed]

Thank you.
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