Re: Printing on a DVD

On 12/13/2010 02:06 PM, Mike McMullin wrote:
On December 12, 2010 01:05:38 am Fred A. Miller wrote:
On 12/10/2010 05:34 PM, Robert Miller wrote:
I use an HP inkjet printer that prints on printable DVDs without a
hitch. HP has several models available with this capability,
including Photosmart C5240.

I've managed to print to a disk, but I can't print to the disk edge and
the "hole" in the middle of off-center. 'Haven't figured out how to fix
that yet.
Fred is there some kind of "sleeve" that came with the unit in order to
align the disk?

Hi are you?! Yes....a "holder" if you will, with a removable
insert for the "mini" disks, which I'm not trying to print. The holder has
to be inserted properly or it won't even go into the printer...all is
aligned, etc.



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