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No. But I learned Benton Harbor BASIC (circa 1977) on this:
[note the price: for me that was $1,400 as I had to have it shipped to
Japan where I was living at the time (1977 dollars & in todays dollars
is around $4,960 based on the 2009 CPI more if you use other indexes): I
eventually upgraded to 32K of RAM & that cost considerably more] and was
still using my H8 in 1998. Finally gave the whole system away (all
pristine condition & working - including cassette drive, H9 Terminal,
manuals, and original software sometime around 2000.
Wish I would have kept it now.)

Had a heck of a time explaining to my instructor at the University of
Maryland (yes, we had satellite courses even then) that my BH Basic
could do serial I/O with the hardware access statements. See:

Here's the assembly manual for the H8:

I after dabbling with BH BASIC, Fortran & Cobol, I went the other
direction from others in this thread and instead concentrated on
assembly language (HASL-8 2 pass assembler was what I used to learn),
and then Varian Minicomputer Microcode (hence: NoOp).

Note: TRS/Trash-80's were for wimps in our circle & paddle keys
sucked... Octal keypads ruled... until we discovered that Hex became the
defacto standard :-(

Seems like we always seem to have an OT reminiscence of this around this
time of year... :-)

Nice experience!

Parshwa Murdia
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