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Alan Pope @ 02/16/2011 09:28 AM:
On 16 February 2011 16:24, scar<scar@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
please let me know what steps i can take. thanks so much

Run memtest from a live CD over night. Bad RAM accounts for quite a
few odd failures like this.
New != works

Another thought aside from bad hardware, since you mention this
happens after a number of days... what else has changed?

When you've run this in the past on older hardware, were you also
running an older version of Ubuntu or Zoneminder or any other

heh... this is a rabbit hole :) but my money is on bad ram as was
suggested, or a memory leak in some program you're running.

Something we do here for every new computer *before* we trust it to do
anything vital:

A really nice collection of testing stuff on a livecd.


A followup to my previous email about this website.

There is something wrong with the site. I tried to
download the file (number 34) using Windows7 and had the same
sort of problems as on Linux. For the record, I use the same
email program (Thunderbird) and the same browser (Firefox) on
both systems, which are on different computers.

First: Many of the d/l tries simply go nowhere. You get a blank
browser screen, with "done" at the bottom.

Next: Sometimes you get a download window. (It looks the same
in Linux and Windows.) Then the d/l starts, and it says it will d/l
200 odd MB and take 14~ minutes (or whatever exact numbers)
and then after 13 or 20 MB or so, it just stops, and the d/l
window closes, as if it is done.

Third: If you go to the site, it gives you an opportunity to register.
(For what, I'm not sure.) So I did. They take your email address and
promise an email. The email never comes. (This is about 3 hours
or more ago.) At the same time, you get to log in, with the
user name and password you have chosen, but all you get is a
chance to write a history of yourself. I didn't.

If this isn't a scam, then there is something seriously wrong here.

They are doing something wrong with their download links. Here is a
working one:

Ioannis Vranos

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