Re: LibreOffice Installation Question

On 02/22/2011 07:19 AM, Barry Premeaux wrote:
I was looking over the installation instructions for LibreOffice on The instructions say that you need to remove
Openoffice, along with the command to do that.

Which instrctions?

But, then it follows
with the statement that removing Openoffice is optional. I find this
to be somewhat confusing. Is it necessary or not?

No. Just download the .deb (be sure to also download the help .deb:
and install per:
[Installation of LibreOffice on Debian/Ubuntu-based Linux systems]

That will install LO to your /opt directory and will not interfere with
your existing (U)OOo install.

I have Ubuntu 9.10 on this machine and would like to hang on to the
default Openoffice. If I install LibreOffice, will I run into
problems with shared files?

No. Not if you install per above. (note: you can't install via the PPA
as that PPA only has files for lucid & above. See: I have LO, OOo-dev,
OOo-standard, and (U)OOo (Ubuntu OOo) on this system and have no issues:
$ locate versionrc

The only thing that I have to do is modify the bootstraprc in
OOo-standard so that it doesn't interfere with the profile folder from
(U)OOo. LO uses /home/<user>/.libreoffice/3 so it doesn't interfere with
OOo or (U)OOo.

I recall the recent debate on this issue.

There are issues with OOo and LO installed together on Windows systems.
This is because LO hasn't changed their executable file names.

But, their didn't seem to be a positive final answer on it. The
ubuntugeek article references the test version, and I would be
installing the 3.3 final.

Actually I've found the pre-released 3.3.1RC2 to be quite stable:

Added note: you might want to subscribe to the LO users list:
users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx: User support list for LibreOffice users needing
help with a problem.

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