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On 21/03/11 19:31, NoOp wrote:
On 03/20/2011 01:08 PM, Joep L. Blom wrote:
On 20/03/11 15:16, Cybe R. Wizard wrote:
On Sun, 20 Mar 2011 14:43:34 +0100
"Joep L. Blom"<jlblom@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I have a annoying problem in firefox 3.6.15 in Lucid Lynx where the
default application cannot be changed. Formerly there was a button
"Edit" in Edit-> Preferences->Applications where the default
application could be changed.
Now it uses for some unknown reason 'Virus Scanner' as the default
application which is completely useless where I would like to see
gedit. Moreover, formerly, when you pressed the button other in the
opening dialog where you can choose the default application, when you
chose "other" it gave the list of other applications. Now it opens
the users home directory (which of course is useless for choosing an
application). I hope somebody can clarify this as it is a great
annoyance. Joep


Cybe R. Wizard
THanks for your answer. The app was in the subject line and I forgot to
repeat it, sorry for that.
The app is Firefox and I don't want another directory but I want the
list of applications to be used as e.g. in nautilus is shown (and what
the manual of firefox promises). Most however I miss the possibility to
change the default behaviour of the applications menu.

I _think_ that Cybe was asking what application type? The program is
Firefox, you are trying the change the 'Application' as in
Edit|Preferences|Applications in Firefox.

Those 'Applications' typically are set on first run and picked up from
your mime settings. They should also change if you've changed the
default opening program in Nautilus. For example 'MPEG Video' may have
'Use Movie Player (default)' as the default. In Nautilus I can change
that to use VLC as the default& FF _should_ pick up the change.

However, sometimes the mime file gets corrupted. You can change modify
directly in ~/.mozilla/firefox/<default profile>/mimeTypes.rdf - just
open that in gedit and edit. You can also simply rename/mv the file and
let FF rebuild a new one on restart.

Thanks for your answer.
I'm sorry I haven't been very lucid in my questions.
I don't have ant problem with the helper applications for any extensions. My problem is that:
1. I cannot change the default helper as it always uses Virus Scanner as it's default application which of course is ridiculous on a Linux system (but I have clamav installed as I'm paranoid).
2. It doesn't come - as does nautilus - with a list of other helper applications but shows my home directory.
I think both actions are not what is expected and moreover in nautilus it works correctly.

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