Oh, please, please, COME ON Ubuntu development people!

I installed Ubuntu Beta #1 a day ago or so.

This morning Ms Kate Stewart informed me that Beta #2 was released. Fine - been waiting for it; so I go and download the CD. Took the normal 1 1/2 hours; not a problem, really - all done while I was out getting the DVD of the release of Part1 of the final Harry Potter movie.

Then I started the installation of Beta #2 and was asked if this was a new installation or simply an upgrade to the earlier version (Beta #1).

I chose the latter: the upgrade to an existing installation of Natty.

And then the wheels fell off...... :'( .

After 5 hours of "upgrading" an existing installation of Natty I hit the POWER OFF/SHUTDOWN button.....

Why did I do this, you ask?

Well, 5 hours of sitting here and looking at the screen with Ubuntu's Natty Beta #2 showing me that it is, firstly, "Installing" files - fine, no problem with this, but.. - and then "Restoring previously installed packages" (if they are already installed why the f**** then DOWNLOAD the damn things!?) at a download rate which makes a drunk snail high on snail-killer bait look positively faster then a speeding bullet! I just had to hit the computer's SHUTDOWN button.

A few days ago I downloaded and installed another distro (openSUSE if you are interested). The whole operation took a frection of the time I just spent with Beta #2. Why? Because that distro is using a "something-Brain" which selects the most efficient local to you mirror to grab all the necessary files.

The way my modem lights were looking showed that the download speed of whatever files Natty Beta #2 was downloading was in the vicinity of anywhere between <1KB/s to 10KB/s . (How do I know this? because I have seen this speed when downloading files from the normal Ubuntu server before I selected/switched to my bestest local server in the Repositories settings.)

While this may be "rant" to many people, this really is NOT a laughing matter.

Once you have selected the option to install Ubuntu there is no way to halt/stop/resume the process - nor is there to select the most efficient download source. When using the other distro (openSUSE) one also had the option to use SMART which could be stopped if you didn't like the download rate, wait for a while, and then resume in which case there was a very strong probability of getting a betting download rate. Not just speculation but fact as I experienced this often.

Time to sort this out, Ubuntu!


Great Man reaches complete understanding of the main issues; Petty Man reaches complete understanding of the minute details."


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