Re: Samba: CUPS printers are not available at startup

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On 04/20/2011 05:53 PM, Lucio M Nicolosi wrote:

In fact no.

Since the issue is apparent in both current Maverick install and a
brand new Natty, you cannot reproduce it and the Ubuntu guys say it is
a Lucid bug, I'm probably facing a local problem, a hardware issue.

I intend to test my station again, stripping it of any unnecessary
add-ons, such as one suspicious USB connected, cheap, multiple card
reader (never used it). Also, I will test this issue on a couple of
stations nearby.

However as I'm dealing with this issue for a long time now and already
accustomed to restarting smbd and hardware testing will require
switching off the system, grabbing a screwdriver, bringing in the
compressor to to clean the unit, its neighbors and all the stuff we
should do given he opportunity, I think it won't be done during this
long weekend (beginning on Thursday).

I wonder if the problem is related to your Firestarter. I had installed
Firestarter on my laptop for testing, closed it down, did some kernel
updates, and tried to connect to the laptop from my desktop via samba &
couldn't. Firestarter wasn't running.

$ smbclient -L //

wasn't finding the laptop (even after restarting smbd & nmbd). It now does.

I then purged Firestarter on the laptop & rebooted & now I find and
connect to the laptop shares from the just fine. I'm too tired digg into
it further tonight, but it's something you might consider investigating.

Perhaps Firestarter has issues with Samba (or vice versa). I observed
some erratic behavior in the past but didn't figure Firestarter could
be involved. Samba has some peculiar issues, for instance smbclient -L
[IP] works better if you do not give it a valid password, just a plain
[enter]. Also smbtree. Between Linux stations I've been happy to use

Regarding the subject: "Samba: CUPS printers not available at startup"
My Natty ultra lean test install with an empty /home doesn't have any
firewall configured or started (typing from it right now, just
checked) just empty iptables, nothing but the NVidia proprietary
driver and the Samba modules, still service smbd doesn't auto restart.
It suggests a local issue with the hardware, the only thing the two
installs (Mav & Natty) have in common.

(Don't you use a GUI firewall? Prefer to directly edit iptables?)


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