Explain to me again why Unity is so great...(Part II)

This is the second half of my original discussion as to what is so great about Unity and why Canonical is so seemingly insistent on ramming it down the throats of its user base. Another list participant was kind enough to pass along the following URLs to me which helps to explain what Unity is and how to use it:


After looking them over (especially the one about shortcuts), I've come to the conclusion that if Canonical goes through with the rumoured plan to implement this and phase out the Gnome desktop, they will more than likely kill Ubuntu. Never have I seen such a convoluted piece of software that is being marketed under the guise of making Linux easier to use and the user more productive. I would have an easier time using the terminal to get around the desktop! Again, maybe a bit of an exaggeration but not by much. I won't go through all the various "shortcuts" and other instructions as you can see for yourself what's under Unity's hood but I will say that it will more than likely scare off new users to Ubuntu and may drive some loyal fans (myself included) to other distributions. If Canonical were to leave Gnome in Ubuntu and make Unity just another desktop option then there would be no problem. If however, the rumors are true and Unity ends up becoming the de facto user interface then I just don't see much of a future.


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