Re: Passwords?

On 10 May 2011 03:16, Barbara Tobias <barbtobias09@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
You probably set your user account to login automatically without
asking for a password. In this case every single process loaded after
login,  if needed, will ask for you permission.

At Users and Groups / User Settings change "Password:" to  "Asked on
Login". Then system will ask for your password just once, at the login


Lucio M. Nicolosi, Eng.

       I checked and Users and Groups/User Settings is already set to
       "Asked on Login."               Barbara

Can you describe exactly what happens as you logon.  What does the
screen look like?  When it asks for the password again what does it


       When I start the computer, I get a screen that says:  "Enter
       password for keyring 'default' to unlock.  An application wants
       access to the keyring 'default' but it is locked."

       Under "Details" the "Lock this keyring when I log out" option is

       After I enter the password, I get the exact same screen twice
       more.  After I enter the password the third time, everything
       works fine.

I think the problem is that you have entered a password for your
keyring, which is not normally necessary. I think this may help:


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