Re: VM setup from dual boot

On 05/13/2011 05:59 PM, Sandy Harris wrote:
I do not actually want to convert or clone the XP install. What
I'd like to do is just use the existing working XP install and its
disk partition in a VM.

However, what I am seeing various docs I'm looking at and
what I'm hearing here seem to be saying that is impossible.
Windows stores a bunch of stuff about the hardware in the
registry, so the existing XP will not run on a VM. I must
either clone it to a VM or build a VM and do a fresh XP
install there.

OK, I can do that.

It's not impossible (check the VirtualBox docs, forums & mailing list);
it's just difficult & can result in data loss/corruption. You are
considerably better off cloning & reimporting the clone into a VMWare
Player on your existing Ubuntu partition/drive than attempting to try to
run in a VM from your Ubuntu. The clone will in fact work just fine &
you'll still have your backup and/or dualboot to fall back on.

I have several XP's that I've easily cloned using VMWare Converter that
are running in VMWare Player as we speak. The only time that I dual boot
anymore is to update the viruses on the 3 dualboot XP's & 1 Win7 that I
have. Other than that I update the viruses in VM's :-)

Believe me, it's not difficult; it just takes time to set up the
Converter(s), transfer across a network link to another machine,
transfer the image back to the Ubuntu machine that you wish to run it on
& go. I'm off racing tomorrow, but will be happy to help you off-list if
you'd like from Monday (Pacific).


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