Re: Preinstall Procedure - Moving to 11.04?

On Thu, 2011-06-02 at 14:51 +0300, Amichai Rotman wrote:
Hi All,

I have a Desktop and an Asus netbook, both running Ubuntu 10.04 LTS.

I always sticked to the LTS versions, because I like the stability. I
was looking at Ubuntu's web site and followed this list and I am
trying to decide if I should move to 111.04 or wait for the next

Now, before you all jump at me - this is not my main question. I know
there isn't a straight answer for this question. There are as many
opinions out there as there are people subscribed to this list....

However you eventually decide, GNOME 3 is the future for Gnome, so the
option to have the Gnome 2 desktop (currently in the Ubuntu log in
window along the bottom) will eventually be replaced. The Unity shell
so many people have complained about will be the de facto Gnome desktop.

A new Ubuntu version will always have some niggles, but if you
familiarise yourself with the Unity desktop you will save hours of
hair-pulling, or leave Ubuntu for another distribution built on it or
Debian. Or you could turn to KDE or one of the other lighter desktops
built on top of Ubuntu or Debian.

Nobody on this list appears to have suggested Bodhi Linux with its
Enlightenment (E17, I believe) interface, which I can highly recommend
after trying it out on my laptop. Its built on a solid Ubuntu base, but
Enlightenment is both beautiful to look at and easy on memory. There's
some pretty good videos of Bodhi Linux on YouTube and some very
favourable reviews if you'd like to look what Enlightenment looks like.

Elive is another distro you might want to look at, but I haven't tried
the later of its incarnations. I've got Enlightenment running under the
Macpup distro on my laptop, and as that runs all in RAM you'll see how
lightweight the desktop can be.

So my advice is to try Natty and see if you like it. If not, there are a
number of alternative distros, including Kubuntu, but I'd look at Bodhi
Linux at least and perhaps MacPup as well.

In any case, Gnome 3 is the future of Gnome so either take up the Unity
shell, or move to something different.

I played around too much with the 10.04 and I have to re-install. I
plan to try the new release on my netbook as a live "cd" (via USB) but
I have a few questions before re-installing (be it 10.04 or 11.04):

1. I have an encrypted /home partition - how do I gain access to it
after re-installing?
2. I'd like to encrypt another partition the same way. How?
3. I'd like to create a list of all what is installed now, go over it,
remove what I don't want and use what's left to install after the
initial vanilla installation.

What's the simplest way?
Is it possible to create a script to do it?

How did you set the encrypted partition up?



No problems

--Graham Todd

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