Re: Ubuntu can't see usb drive

On 06/04/2011 01:23 PM, Ioannis Vranos wrote:
On Sat, Jun 4, 2011 at 7:49 PM, Douglas Pollard<dougpol1@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi All, In the process of updates, grades, and the installation of a new
DVD burner. My Ubuntu 11.04 can't see my 2 gig usb drive im not sure when
this happened. I guess there must be a permission problem but I don't know
what to do about it. I ran into this a couple years ago and got help here
but I can't remember what I did about it. Anybody got a good link handy for
help? I'll be Googleing for help. Doug

When you say "can't see", do you mean it doesn't mount it at all?

Been thinking about this, I had changed the boot order in the Bios to try to boot from a thumb drive. Didn't get it to work so I put the bios back to original. The Hard 2 gig drive does not show up in computer folder at all. I have a couple other usb drives and they show up. They open as empty. Not sure but I think there are files on them. The big drive must not be mounted. As it does not show up any place except in the bios. Doug

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