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On 8 June 2011 18:12, Alan Pope <alan@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Liam,

On 8 Jun 2011, at 17:46, Liam Proven <lproven@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Do not confuse "I was not misled" with "this is not misleading". The 2
are *not* equivalent.

I don't believe I did, but point taken.

I strongly agree with Steve Flynn's assessment; I too think it's very
misleading indeed, from name to URL to appearance.

The site doesn't seek to mislead at all. If it does though I would be
interested to know in what way. (taking account of my previous mail)


If I have to explain, you are missing some really *very* obvious stuff here.

So, consider:
Someone starts a site:

It has your face as the main image and says that it is *the* place to
go for all your Alan-Pope-related queries. Its logo is your signature
and it uses your handwriting in its design.

Who would you tend to guess ran it?

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