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On Sun, 2011-06-12 at 20:19 +0100, Tony Pursell wrote:

Having persevered with Unity I am now OK with it, although I do have a
few issue with it.

There is quite a bit of configuration that you can do, and there are
lots of keyboard short cuts which make for slick operating.
Unfortunately, it is not well documented yet, but there are discussions
about how to tackle that problem.

Here are some links that may help you to understand Unity better,

Regardless of the "how to's" and "FAQ's" and shortcuts and this and that
and yadda yadda yadda, it's a shiite interface, non-intuitive, NOT
oriented for "Desktop multitasking" it doesn't matter. It was MEANT
FOR A NETBOOK and looks like a mobile phone interface. They can document
the daylights out of it and give the buttons more sparkle and yadda
yadda yadda, it's still going to be crap. You can put as many strings of
pearls on a pig as you want, but it's still a bloody pig, end of story.

I can only sum up that both Unity and Gnome-Shell are insults that have
been thrown at experienced desktop-linux users; they're insults to the
intelligence and competency of those of us that have been around long
enough, and more than proof in the putting that the "higher ups" and
developers could care less about those of us "in the trenches".

MY $0.20 AUD (which is about, um, what, $0.30 USD now?) ;)
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At this point I have to throw my $1US (the current amount required to
buy what 2 centsUS used to purchase) into the Unity discussion.
It is /not/ user friendly for those of us with manipulative
disabilities. Multi-key shortcuts are great if you have young supple
hands. If you are older and have arthritic hands, or as in my case,
have both wrist and shoulder injuries limiting mobility of these
joints (thanks to a trucking accident caused by a drunk driver) it
doesn't work as well as the previous release.
This release should be called kinder-buntu as it is still in
primary/grammar school.
All of the documentation is just wonderful but still doesn't address
the problems of not being able to access a lot of functionality with
context related right clicks.
I would suggest that you perform some time and motion studies on the
differences in productivity are between Gnome and Unity desktops for
most common tasks. These will provide the most information if they
are done with windows users given the same amount of training time on
each desktop before doing the studies.
As has been said before, if I wanted a netbook/tablet/smartphone I'd
be using one of those plugged into my full sized keyboard and monitor.
I don't. I want all of the features, speed, and convenience that a
fully developed desktop provides. I say this as someone who used and
Android 2.2 tablet for mobile access. My primary use is as a book
reader. I do use it for web access away from my desktop but it is
only a tool with limited capabilities. Please don't try to push a
viable alternative to windows into a small box. It is not a good fit
and will force people to look for other solutions than Ubuntu.

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