Re: From IRC and a NEW USER: "Ubuntu is so horrible to try and use..."

For those following along at home with this cryptic mail. Stephen is
referring to an off the cuff comment left yesterday in the #ubuntu irc
support channel.

"< bindi> hmm.. Why do all linux distros feel so ugly and unusable? :S
I love Ubuntu (somehow.. classic anyways, unity is a no-go) but I
always end up booting to windows because Ubuntu feels so... horrible
to use"

On 13 June 2011 18:50, Stephen Kuhn <yank.down.under@xxxxxxx> wrote:
Does anyone listen in either IRC or on the lists?

I'm sure many of us do, yes. Whether the right person is listening to
the right conversation though. I doubt the Ubuntu Users mailing list
is the "right" place for this conversation. I have suggested in the
past that people should take their comments about Unity and the Ubuntu
Desktop to the teams that actually make the thing rather than this
list, but it falls mostly on deaf ears.

Fact is barking this stuff at _us_ on _this_ list will get you almost
nowhere. Talking to the people who make the thing will get you a lot
further. Unless of course your sole purpose is to rant to nearly 5000
people who probably don't actually care too much.

This is from a brand new user that can't get anything to work under the
new "Unity" or anything else...what's the go? IS no one actually
listening at all?

Article to follow...

I can equally find comments from people who like it. I fail to see how
one remark from one user makes an article, but fill your boots.


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