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On 13/06/11 20:15, Alan Pope wrote:
On 13 June 2011 08:55, Basil Chupin<blchupin@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
From a closer read of the OP's message one could conclude that there are
quite a number of implicit technical questions in that post in which case
there would be no contravention of the spirit of what could be posted in
this list.

Oh please. If the OP wanted technical help he could have sent specific
targetted questions. He and you have been on this list long enough to
know that "blog post" style posts are not requests for technical help
but more people ranting/venting about what happens to annoy them that
day/week. The final line of his mail makes this pretty clear.

At the same time, someone, who shall remain nameless, has removed a mail
list where people were able to post messages of a broader and more general
nature, but since that list has not been replaced in any way shape or form
by anything which is less restrictive and anal-retentive in nature which
would allow Ubuntu members to express themselves then the only place where
people can express themselves is here.

There's plenty of lists / forums / irc channels online for the open
unrestricted discussion of all manner of subjects. This list isn't


Sorry for not replying earlier but have been distracted by other things.

Alan, is there any reason, *ANY *reason at all, why a new mail list could not be started to replace Sounder?

But a list which:

1. is *NOT* archived, and

2. is *NOT *accessed by google

therefore making it "invisible" except to the participants of that list?

Make the list "open-ended" but still moderated to ensure that total foul-mouthed wankers are kept out; but should somehow such a foul-mouthed wanker gets in then the list members will soon sort him/her out.

Call this new mail list "42".


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