10.04: USB external disk (jfs) not mounted with the correct user.


I admit that I have only experience with Kubuntu, but I had
to use a PC with Ubuntu 10.04 installed.

The following wired thing happened.

The system has a standard account, called student, and an
activated root account. I was allowed to open a new account,
called wizard.

Now when I entered as user student, I inserted the USB
external disk with JFS format and it was mounted correctly
with the correct user and group permission. I unmounted the disk.

When I entered as the new wizard, the disk was mounted as user

I then gave the new account root privileges and unmounted
and inserted the disk again and it was mounted as *root*

Such a thing never happened to me on Kubuntu from dapper to

Can somebody help me on this issue? I even don't know where
to start looking because /etc/fstab does not have any
reference to the USB disk


Uwe Brauer

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