Re: Problem with Ubuntu Natty

On Mon, Jun 20, 2011 at 2:01 PM, Javier Revilla
<javier.revilla@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Today in the morning my Linux system was perfectly stable. I was using
the Ubuntu 10.04 LTS version. Then, I received a message inviting me to
upgrade to Ubuntu Natty.

I committed the error to accept. And now I am stuck with an unusable
machine. I have no access to the graphic mode. So, I have to work in
text mode. I have tried re-installing the N-vidia drivers but the
problem remains.

I am really furious at Ubuntu. I trusted them and now I am stuck with a
useless system. They should not deliver crappy software !

Your anger and blame are misdirected. Unless you've hit some BIG bug,
there's no way that 10.04 would prompt you to upgrade to 11.04 because
(1) there's no direct upgrade path through update-manager (GUI or CLI)
to skip a release and (2) an LTS release won't prompt you to upgrade
to a non-LTS release by default (you'd have to change the
update-manager settings). I suspect that you've forgotten that you'd
upgraded to 10.10 at some point!

You haven't provided enough info for anyone to be of real help...

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