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On 10 August 2011 09:31, Emmanuel Natalis <matnatalis@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Dear all,
I was installing ubuntu 11.04 server on a dell machine. The installation
went ok, but on booting, the grub loads i.e i can see the options of loading
the OS normally or in recovery mode. There after I only see a black screen
and it just stays that way without seeing any further progress. Iam stuck.

Any assistance will highly appreciated

I had this problem (or something much like it) with Server 10.04 and
10.10 on my PowerEdge 600SC.

Considerable Googling led me to believe it's a common issue. In the
end, I had to install 8.04 (which was fine and unaffected) and then
upgrade it to 10.04. This worked fine, but took a long time.

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