Re: Need used video card

On 24 September 2011 20:33, Craig White <craigwhite@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Also - with respect to communication/etiquette on the list here... sadly
the list has denigrated to the point where it is frequently dominated by
moderately knowledgeable, socially marginal people and you should never
take anything that they write personally.

Does he mean us? I think most IT people are socially marginal, some
are moderately knowledgable, some who contribute here are extremely
knowledgeable and have helped me out numerous times. Nearly all IT
people are super pedantic and would not let you get away with using
the word denigrated when you probably meant deteriorated. :)

I don't think it has deteriorated though, I can't say that I notice
that it is much different to when I started here as a Ubuntu newbie
several years ago. There has always been a fair amount of lively
banter to keep the boredom away.


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