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On 09/27/2011 05:21 AM, Avi Greenbury wrote:
Ric Moore wrote:
On 09/27/2011 12:27 AM, Fred A. Miller wrote:
This answers some questions about BIOS based boxen and 'Bloze 8.


Windows 8 will also enter the market in a time when the industry is
shifting to the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) for
BIOS on all new client systems. We will continue to support the
legacy BIOS interface, but machines using the UEFI interface will
have significantly richer capabilities. For instance, UEFI systems
can render rich graphical experiences in native resolution via the
Graphic Output Protocol (GOP) driver. With UEFI, the OS can finally
communicate with boot firmware in a standard way; this work is
strongly supported by standards work in UEFI and the TCG (Trusted
Computing Group). This enables such features as secure boot, where
the OS and firmware cooperate in creating a secure handoff
mechanism. It also enables a seamless visual experience from the
time you hit the power button – one experience owned by two
distinct components.

See? MicroSoft has again done what it has been so good at in the
past, ...steal ideas from Apple.

Are you genuinely advocating replacing the BIOS with something other
than UEFI purely to avoid having to have any sort of consistency with
Apple products? That's bonkers.

I thought I was clear, Apple dominates THEIR market by strictly enforcing what runs on both the hardware and software of their OS. Damn successful at it too. Apple is the current darling of those with the money and desire to have something really superior to Windows. They pay through to nose to be not-Windows.

Wouldn't Windows want to capture and maintain the ~remaining market~ for themselves ~in like manner~? They WOULDN't?? Pull my other finger. <grins>

Nobody's going to not switch to UEFI if it becomes reasonable to;
BIOSes are, in general, rubbish. The closest they appear to have had to
development since about 1986 is the addition of support for USB devices.
Machines frequently spend longer in the BIOS than booting the kernel.

No disagreement there.. but in the closet of secrets, Windows would love to kick the stuffings out of Linux. Look at all of those server bullies out there, kicking sand in their face, by not paying for proper network licenses. I'm just saying that they would LOVE THAT. I've watched those devils since MSDOS days and they aren't above playing loose when it comes to business ethics. They bear watching. Ric

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