Re: display issues

On 16 October 2011 16:27, G. <pegngaryubuntu@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Colin, reset did not work.  Error message Compiz (expo) failed to bind
image to texture

There was another reference to expo after that, which seemed to work
fine.  The process never seemed to actually finish.  Was not sure how
long to wait.

Does it look like this bug?
If so add yourself to the Affects Me list and add any other
information you have.  Also add yourself to the notification list so
you will see if it gets sorted.

In the meantime probably best to stick with 2D, which to me seems more
stable anyway and works just as well though maybe not quite so slick
on the special effects.



Thanks Collin.  Looks similar to that bug.  I do not get as large a
read out in terminal.  Unity was fine in 11.04.


That bug is for AMD 64 architechture.  I have 32 bit.  Should I report
a new bug?

Yes, probably. It may be the same bug affecting both but by
submitting a new bug you can let others make that decision.


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